Hola and welcome!

I’m Marisa and I’m so happy that you found my little blog. Here I share pieces of life, musings, and food….but mostly food. I love to cook and baking is my passion. Whenever I am sad, stressed, happy, celebrating, appreciative, I express it with baking. I’m constantly thinking of new recipes to try out in my little Kansas City kitchen, and sharing (most of them) with you! My family is of Middle Eastern heritage and my husband is of Mexican, so a lot of what we eat is a reflection of those influences.



I am 28 years old and live in Kansas City with my husband. We’ve been married just over one year (June 2012). I work full-time as an International Student Advisor at a university, where my husband is a Clinical Ph.D. student. I am originally from Cleveland, he’s originally from Houston, we met while living in Washington, DC, and here we are in Kansas City. I never dreamed that I would be living in Missouri, but we love it here and it’s been a great home for this stage of our lives.

Other loves: languages, family, travel, coffee, photography (a new love, but we’re getting there!), friends, writing, pumpkins, chocolate, coconut, gummy bears, books, yoga, running, beer.  Not necessarily in that order.

Look around stay awhile!



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