Life, Lately.


Life, lately, has been busy! I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday, but I am not complaining.

This weekend was freezing cold but lots of fun.

Made biscuits for the first time (and second time, not pictured). Turns out they’re easy yet take some technique and I’m still working toward perfecting them. Jose is completely cool with this trial and error period.

Impulse Target buy. It is actually very surprising that I did not yet own this movie, considering the amount of times I quote this movie.

On Saturday we ran an Ugly Sweater 5k…in single digit temperatures. It was freezing cold but so hilarious and fun-a 5k with hot chocolate stops can’t be all that bad! After that, we went out for some beers at a new to us microbrewery, Cinder Block.

Sunday evening we saw the Hunger Games and came home to crock pot chicken noodle soup and (more) biscuits.

Happy Tuesday to you all. I’m trying very hard not to slip into holiday/vacation mode yet!


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