Roasted Carrots with Fresh Sage


So if you’re like me, you did all kinds of cooking over Thanksgiving and don’t really want to cook anything that requires more than using your microwave for at least a few days (I mean, obviously we have to eat all of the leftovers, right?). And if you’re like me, your husband, while grateful for all of the cooking and baking that you love to do, is not quite as grateful for the trail of dishes it leaves behind as he begrudgingly washes them as you go.


True story. The night before Thanksgiving, I was debating between making dinner rolls or buttermilk biscuits because I unexpectedly had some leftover buttermilk, and when I asked him what he preferred, his response was “Do either of them use the food processor? If so, I vote for whichever one doesn’t because I hate washing it!”

That’s just what I do for Thanksgiving. I cook and bake my heart out until I’m exhausted, my back hurts, and it’s time to eat and then do nothing. And I love it.

Our dinners as of late have consisted of variations of Thanksgiving leftovers and this was a last-minute side dish so that I could say that we ate at least one vegetable as part of the meal! However, these came out so delicious and….well, beautiful, that I had to share.

This is the perfect simple, yet pretty-looking dish that presents well as a side dish at dinner parties.

I actually bought these multi-colored carrots by mistake, thinking incorrectly that I needed them to make my grandmother’s stuffing. Turns out, she doesn’t use carrots for her stuffing and I completely got that wrong! I did, however, have some leftover fresh sage from the stuffing, which worked perfectly with these roasted carrots. Just to clarify, you can use regular orange carrots as well if you can’t find the multi-colored carrots (I found them at Trader Joe’s) but pink and yellow carrots are just so pretty.

As a side note, fresh sage is my new favorite herb….it tastes amazing on roasted turkey/chicken, potatoes, STUFFING, and roasted vegetables. The dried spice does not even compare. I know it can be annoying to buy fresh herbs when it’s easier to keep the dried stuff on hand, but if you are going to splurge to buy anything fresh, buy sage. It makes a world of difference.

And who knew I’d have this much to say about carrots.


Roasted Carrots with Fresh Sage

Serves 2-3

  • 6 carrots, cut into 1-2 inch “bite size” pieces
  • 1-2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh sage
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Toss carrots in a bowl with sage, salt, and pepper. Spread onto baking sheet in single layer and bake for 20 minutes, turning them half way through.

Serve immediately!


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