Weekend Scenes.


New red hair. I’m still getting used to it, but at the very least it’s a fun, temporary change.

A nice quiet Saturday night in on a chilly evening called for a beer with the husband. This one was Goose Island Octoberfest, which was surprisingly very good. Wish I had discovered it earlier in the season.

Sunday afternoon at Penzey’s in downtown Overland Park. I love Penzey’s. I want to live there.

Egg Nog ice cream? Is this real life? Trader Joe’s, you get me every time. Seriously though, it’s so good. And kind of perfect because I like egg nog but have a few sips and am done with it, because it’s so thick and rich. I always end up wasting a whole carton of it after only drinking a couple sips from a small glass. However, ice cream I can handle.

Thanksgiving shopping is completed (well, for now). Some good finds at Trader Joe’s, besides essentials like the turkey, include these beautiful multi-colored carrots that I am dreaming up possibilities for, as well as rainbow pears, cranberries, and then apples for apple pecan pie (pecans not pictured).

And here we are…it is Monday yet again, but a three day work week is certainly helping!


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