Weekend Scenes.

IMG_1263 IMG_1264ImageImageImageImageImage

This weekend was both a special and eventful one. Not pictured is our Friday Friendsgiving/Wii tournament. A Thanksgiving dinner party with friends turned out to be a pretty awesome idea. I made some pumpkin pies that are not pictured because, while they tasted delicious, they didn’t come out as pretty as they normally do. I know I’m a perfectionist when it comes to baking and I get so frustrated and disappointed when a recipe does not come out as I had envisioned it. Probably more so than I should. Anyway. Friendsgiving was fun!

Saturday night was Jose’s belated SURPRISE 30th birthday party! Better late than never, right? This was actually a month late because he was extremely busy with schoolwork around the time of his birthday. I actually had planned a party but had to cancel because of that. This time, we went to a local pub/restaurant and then had friends at our place afterward. It was a perfect evening spent with friends. I think he knew deep down that I couldn’t let his 30th pass by that easily!

Sunday night we went to Surabhi, a celebration of an Indian holiday planned by several Indian students at the university where I work. There was a lot of traditional dancing and singing, and I loved it. I was completely blown away by their talent, precision, and hard work. Afterward, they served Indian food and all in all it was a lovely evening.

Altogether an eventful weekend! Goes by too fast as always. Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well.


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