Weekend Scenes.


I didn’t take too many photos this weekend. I suppose I was too busy enjoying it.

First of all, Fall in Kansas City is one of the most beautiful seasons I have experienced. It is gradual, the colors turning dramatically different colors every day.

Friday was a girls’ night of mulled wine and lots and lots of cheese. It was pretty amazing, as you can probably imagine. Jose was gone overnight helping his friend cook brisket overnight for their barbecue the next night, so that was as good an excuse as any.

Saturday night was the barbecue. I made tabbouleh for the first time (recipe coming soon!). It was an overall great night spent with good food and friends. We’ll definitely miss this when we move (likely) this summer.

So today obviously is not the weekend, but Jose and I had a nice little date night out. That guy always makes Mondays a bit more bearable.


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