Weekend Scenes.


I know, just another bowl of oatmeal on a blog, but that was seriously one good bowl of oats that I had to share. Oatmeal+oat bran+ cranberries+banana+flaxseed+peanut butter+ vanilla almond milk. Highly recommend.

Although I didn’t run the Kansas City Marathon, I did happen to catch a glimpse of some of the (fastest) runners while walking out of my yoga class. There was even a live band playing! I am inspired.

Another great part of Fall is Honeycrisp apples. At least Michigan does something right?

Speaking of not liking Michigan, Jose got some new Ohio State gear just in time for the game on Saturday! Go Bucks!

On Sunday, we stopped at the new Hallmark design store, HMK. It was very cool. They have stations that help you to locate certain cards, so that you can peruse their entire collection before searching through the cards the old fashioned way. Once you find the one you like, it tells you where it is. Intriguing.

In other news, my new favorite snack might just be Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter and cream cheese on whole grain toast. So good.


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