Weekend Scenes.


First of all….pumpkins. Still need to get them. Love seeing them everywhere though.

Speaking of pumpkins….Trader Joe’s seriously has pumpkin-everything. It was amazing and overwhelming at the same time. I was frozen with indecision on whether to get pumpkin this or that. A word of advice, though-get the pumpkin ice cream. So delicious.

While shopping on Saturday, I noticed a new card category. Hrrrmmm. Not sure how much attitude is really necessary for someone’s birthday.

Jose’s first birthday dinner consisted of his favorite things: wings from the Peanut and fries from Oklahoma Joe’s. I am proud and ashamed to admit that it was my idea. I’m just an evil genius, what can I say? Well worth it for a happy husband. We also enjoyed some of the Sam Adams special brews, New World and their version of a Gose. Both were delicious. Even though we’ve been delving into smaller craft breweries and more artisan brews, still love Sam Adams.

I recently found out from a friend that Williams Sonoma offers free cooking technique courses every Sunday. I cannot believe I never knew about this! I signed up for this past Sunday’s, which was all about vanilla. This might truly make me a bit of a baking nerd but I found all of the information so interesting and useful. I was also the youngest person there by at least 30 years. The employee teaching the class is a self-taught pastry chef, which is pretty much my dream job, and he demonstrated how to make whipped cream using vanilla bean paste, how to make a vanilla custard using vanilla beans in pods, and of course there were samples. Pictured are the three different types of vanilla we sampled. I bought some vanilla bean paste (I’d been wanting to get some for awhile but hadn’t had any luck finding it anywhere) so I was excited to pick up some while there. I highly recommend the classes as well as their products-while Williams Sonoma is pricy, the quality is so good. Even their baking mixes tasted delicious.


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