Weekend Scenes.


We road tripped to Houston (as evidenced by our bag of snacks!) I never travel anywhere without snacks and I know that I overcompensate. But you have to have options right? You should see my suitcase.

Jose got to have his favorite local Texas fast food, Whataburger. I’m….not a fan. Apparently you have to “grow up” with it or something. I opted to have a (giant) sandwich at the gourmet deli inside one of the biggest and best liquor stores I’ve ever been to. Everything is truly bigger in Texas. We also bought a substantial amount of beer, but that’s a story for another day.

No visit to Houston is complete without tacos. Ever. I ate Mexican food pretty much everyday while there and loved every minute of it. The photos are from the taco joint Jose’s mother took us to on Friday night-it was in a school bus. People were selling DVDs to each other out of their cars in the corner. Tacos were amazing. The place was legit.

The beer was a new one to me, out of a small brewery in Tulsa, OK. It was pretty delicious, but I was more sold on the pretty packaging. I’m a sucker for good marketing.

And, Jose’s mother gave us her molcajete! Pretty excited to use this bad boy. For grinding peppers, mixing and mashing, or maybe to have Jose make me some tableside guac? (Just testing to see if he really does read this!). Possibilities are endless.

Alright. Who is excited that tomorrow is Wednesday? I AM.


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