Weekend Scenes


Let me tell you about the exciting weekend of Marisa and Jose. It started with a Friday evening trip to Sam’s Club (to beat the crowds-and yes, these are actual conversations that take place between us), followed by a dinner of a Rotisserie Chicken purchased at Sam’s Club with some microwaved frozen vegetables. We watched a Netflix movie, and then went to bed. Neither of us are 30 yet, believe it or not.

This allowed me to make my 8am hot box detox yoga class, which I absolutely love and is most definitely motivation for an earlier bed time on Friday night, followed by my weekly Trader Joe’s trip, because I am there around 9am, to again beat the crowds. I came home and proceeded to spend an afternoon with college football, which in my world translates to cleaning, painting nails, Pinterest….I’m restless with football. I honestly try to be a fan. I LOVE Ohio State and I love the IDEA of football, but when it comes down to sitting there and actually watching the game, I struggle. I’m an antsy, anxious person in general, which are just additional reasons that I am a pleasure to spend a lazy Saturday with. I am sure Jose can attest to this.

Saturday=Take out sandwiches from Pigwich, a local food truck we had been dying to try. Unfortunately no photos due to our unexpected 30 minute ride home, during which I almost had a hunger breakdown, but it was quite enjoyable. Also lovely was a Saturday night of staying in, drinking beer with the husband, talking and laughing, and watching funny TV shows. Hey, we might be old, but at least we enjoy ourselves.

Sunday was fall decoration time, as evidenced by the first photo. I don’t care if you can still hear the cicadas and that it is going to be around 86 degrees in two days. 🙂


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