At Least It’s….Thursday?

Short weeks always put me off schedule in one way or another. Not that I am complaining….but for some reason, this week has seemed to go by slower rather than faster. Perhaps by anticipating a shorter work week, I overestimate its speed. In my mind, yesterday should have been Thursday and today should have been Friday.

Or perhaps it’s felt longer because we’ve had one of those weeks at work where nothing is working properly, as far as technology is concerned. And in the field of immigration advising, technology is pretty important.

This is to all to say that I am quite ready for Friday. 

Tonight’s dinner was a simple yet delicious meal that I’ve been a little hooked on: 


Polenta Burrito Bowl-black beans, sauteed peppers and onions, and a fried egg.

Jose, not so much, but it all worked out:


Self Explanatory?

More updates later. Now it’s lazy weeknight time with this guy: 


Okay, ready, set….weekend! 


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