Hello September.

Though I know we have a few more weeks before the “official” start of Fall (and an apparent heat wave to survive if you live in Kansas City), the start of September and Labor Day weekend have always symbolized to me the start of bidding adieu to watermelon, strawberries, and sweet corn, and welcoming back apples, hot cocoa, and pumpkin…..pumpkin everything. I mean, for some people. Not that I would know anything about that or anything. 😉

ImageThe things he does for me……

I will admit that I am a seasonal person. I’m a marketer’s dream. Summer means fresh berries and wheat beer, while Fall means football, spice-scented candles, boots, and….well, finally being allowed to crack open one of these bad boys:


This may or may not be one of 5 bottles purchased. 

I tried to warn you about the pumpkin.

When the weather is right of course. It can’t just be September 1, there has to be a chill in the air and it just has to FEEL like Fall. You know what I mean? Yes, I’m a lot of fun for my husband. Not only does he get to deal with these “charming” particulars of mine, but also lives with my continuous need to explain the joy of the Fall season to him, who grew up in south Texas, where there was only one season.

Because it’s still 90 something degrees outside and sweet corn and watermelon are still everywhere (and don’t worry I stocked up) and because my husband loves his grilling, we decided to stick with the “farewell to Summer” theme rather than “welcome to Fall” to properly celebrate this day of Labor.

And with a meal like this, I couldn’t complain at all.


Fajita (grilled flank steak), freshly made tortillas, Mexican rice, grilled sweet corn. 

This didn’t hurt either: ImageThat would be Boulevard’s Love Child #3, a very limited release ale that we’ve been saving for the right time. This seemed as good as any. And wow, it was delicious and worth each and every pretty penny we paid for it.

And of course, s’mores!



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